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Enslaved to SuperMuse

There's a reason why her initials are S and M ...

26 March
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Hm. I suppose it's past time I put something informative up here ... well, read at your own risk. ;^)

RL persona: A combination of mild-mannered, animal-loving vet tech, liberal activist, independent woman, couch potato, good cook and mostly-mellow chocolate lover.

Online persona: All of the above with the addition of SuperMuse.

SuperMuse is the personification of a force of nature. She takes whatever my brain is currently obsessing about--a favorite TV show, actor or character, a political issue, my guinea pig, a good book, a bar of extra-dark chocolate with candied ginger--and makes me write about it, in one form or another. She is not gentle about it, either. The results are here for you to view, either in my journal or in the form of fan fiction.

Oh yes, she makes me write about fictional characters. Sometimes my own, but right now her focus is on the new incarnation of Battlestar Galactica in general, and the characters of William Adama and Laura Roslin in particular. The main body of my fic can be found at the Survival Instinct web site. Click on the banner below to browse the site in general:

Or you can go directly to my stories on the site. I am also uploading my stuff to fanfiction.net, but I'm not nearly caught up there yet. Some of my stories are quite unabashedly NC-17, but I've tried to mark them as such in the headers.

I am also participating in the insanity joy that is fanfic100, having agreed to write 100 short pieces revolving around William Adama. My Big Honking Table of Adama-fic will be updated with links as I finish stories.

Adama/Roslin is LOVE (and HAWT Love at that!).

I won an award for one story, "Scaled", and it didn't even have any smut in it! ;^) Click on the banner below to read my story, or go this spot in my journal.

Oh yes, I also participate in the wonderful timesuck that is theatrical_muse as admiral_adama. Feel free to wander over and strike up a conversation with Bill if you are so inclined! He does talk to folks ... no, really. He does. ;)

Kia will kick me if I put this off any longer ... I have also acquired a second muse, a very interesting lady by the name of kia_holtz. She is an original character (I do get them now and again) set in the Battlestar Galactica '03 universe, so her prompts go up at original_muses. Kia is quite talkative and not at all shy, so say hello when you get a chance!

And a third muse has joined Bill and Kia in pwning mah brane! Ruairí MacEibhir is the title character from one of my favorite books, R.A MacAvoy's The Grey Horse. You can find him over at sonofgranite, and I'll be picking prompts for him from both theatrical_muse and justprompts. I hope you enjoy reading him as much as I enjoy writing him. ^_^

And because I'm always asking people, "What do you think of me so far?" ;) Here's a place you can tell me: My Johari Window.

No doubt I'll think of ten more things to add to this later, but for right now I have more writing to do.

Why yes, I am a loon. Why do you ask? ^_^

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