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Life is good ...

I have had an excellent few days, so I just wanted to share. B^)

Nothing earthshattering, just a series of Good Things Happening, many of which have to do with Battlestar Galactica. ;^) :

1) My federal tax refund arrived on Friday. *Glee!*

2) Also on Friday, I joined the newly-formed william_adama community, the most wonderful collection of intelligent, earthy, funny, Edward James Olmos-inspired lunatics on the face of the planet. The lust still flows nonstop! B^9~~~~~~~~~~

3) On Saturday, I got in some serious writing on "Gods' Gift", the next magnum in my opus.

4) Sunday was a get-together with a fellow BSG fan whom I met on the Ragnar Anchorage bboard. ecc42 (Erin in person), my husband and I got together brats with all the fixings, potato salad, soda, Erin's yummy spice cookies and assorted other munchies. We then noshed our way through a rewatch of the miniseries on DVD and plenty of good conversation. Even better, it looks like this will turn into a weekly event!

5) Today (Monday) my Adama/Roslin BSG fic, "First Glimpses" got its 100th read on the Survival Instinct fiction site! Note to anyone who might read it: I respond to EVERY review I get, so if you take a minute to leave your opinion, it won't be ignored.

6) Today is also the day that the Official Battlestar Galactica Companion ships in the UK. Now, I won a copy of this book as a Special prize in the first fanfic contest held by the Battlestar Galactica Estrogen Brigade, another wonderful group of lusty insane inspirational people inhabiting threads on both the SciFi bboard and Ragnar Anchorage, as well as their own bsgeb yahoo! group. Since the BSGEB's glorious leader resides in England, she said she'd make sure Amazon got the book to me before the US ship date. So my own copy is on the way! *bibbles around the room imagining all the info to mine for fic-fodder*. X^D

So I have had fun lately. Since I don't have to get up early tomorrow, I'm probably going to spend a few more hours answering the demands of SuperMuse. Saturday's work was not enough by her exacting standards, it seems!
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