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Memeosity, snagged from skaryma and custardpringle

☇ Take four books off your bookshelf.
☇ Write the first sentence
☇ Write the last sentence on page fifty
☇ Write the second sentence on page one hundred
☇ Write the next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
☇ Write the final sentence of the book
☇ Let your friends guess what book it is.

I picked some of my favorites, ones I've been rereading lately. I honestly have no idea how hard these particular books will be for you guys, but I'm pretty darn sure 3 will ring a bell with at least a few of you. In fact I had to take a name out to keep it from being too obvious, but if no one gets it, I'll put the name back. Have fun!

I shall clasp my hands together and bow to the corners of the world.
I jumped up and embraced him.
I could almost hear her think, Yes, I'll take this cute thing home with me.
"Ah Chen, do you remember how worried we were when the flood broke our dikes and the sickness killed our pigs?"

2. Falling Free, guessed by trialia
The shining rim of the planet Rodeo wheeled dizzily past the observation port of the orbital transfer station.
"I'll try not to, sir."
"Can't you at least give him something for pain?" the security guard urged the medtech.
Leo took up his lecture station in the center.
They turned their faces to the new sun.

The sky was full of the grey scum of a soup kettle on the boil.
He stamped his foot on the Aubusson floral carpet.
His round, black eyes were fixed sharply on the grinning face before him.
"I couldn't, Ruairí, thank you."
Again and again.

I was laying down cards in the marketplace when I got the latest job offer.
"Look, you don't have to--"
"I doubt if he's studied them; he's very practical."
There were about fifteen people on it besides myself.
I wouldn't want to make any bets on who would be holding the deck of cards when I finally made it back to Athena.

His eyes were metallic blue jewel beetles peering out from underneath a pair of furry black caterpillars.
"Never heard of 'em," Johnny confessed.
Gertrude sized him up before seizing on a way around this problem.
"Go get 'em, tiger," he said earnestly.
And when he turned to Klaus he saw the biggest bug-eating grin he'd ever seen.
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