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Everyone's doing it, but I got mine from kimbari!

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beads:
    Beads are one of mankind's earliest artforms. They can literally be anything, small created jewels, tiny examples of the sculptor's art, or simply some piece of nature with a hole drilled through it. But of course, I really love them because they satisfy the magpie in me. ^_^
  2. buckaroo banzai:
    An out-there, rollicking riot of a sci-fi adventure movie with a SUPERB cast, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai cannot possibly be described in the space I have here. So I'll just hit the high points: Peter Weller *sigh*, Clancy Brown *sigh*, Ellen Barkin *yes!*, John Lithgow *BWAH-HAH!*, JeffGoldblumLewisSmithPepeSerna GAH! The whole movie is a high point! ;^)
  3. creative writing:
    I have always loved playing with the English language in much the same way that I play with beads: stringing words together, taking them apart and putting them back together again, examining much-loved pieces of language for new meanings and connotations and finding bright-shiny new words to play with. It's a large part of what makes me human.
  4. fan fiction:
    Put my intense interest in certain movies and tv shows together with my love of language described above, and you get fan fiction. ^_^ When I fall in love with a piece of media, I always feel the urge to write something that explores beyond the boundaries of what has already been created, to make MORE of this thing that I love. When I am deeply inspired (much rarer!), I give in to the impulse.
  5. j. r. r. tolkien:
    I read The Hobbit in grade school, but didn't follow up with The Lord of the Rings until a few years later. Suffice to say the trilogy made junior high a little easier to deal with. ^_^ The story, the characters, the heroism and mysticism and truth ... I felt like my whole soul had been rung like a bell. And I still ship Faramir/Eowyn big time. ;^)
  6. learning:
    This is less an interest and more an absolute necessity, almost an inevitability. I don't believe you can be truly alive and sentient without learning *something* every day, about yourself, other people or the world in general. The only question is how open you are to that new knowledge, how curious and willing to investigate you can be.
  7. martin castillo:
    Played by the incomparable Edward James Olmos, Martin is the only reason why I watched Miami Vice during my tender teenaged years. While my compatriots were squeeing over Crockett and Tubbs, I was impatiently waiting for my fix of the laser-eyed, husky-voiced Vice lieutenant who spoke and moved and fought like a warrior-monk. Castillo inspired some of my earliest efforts at fan fiction; he was so consistently effed-up by his storylines that I had to write happy endings for him! ^_^ So why does nobody else have this man on their interest lists?!
  8. precious metal clay:
    An interest that I wish I could afford to turn into a passion! PMC consists of metal particles suspended in a clay-like binder. You can sculpt and manipulate it just as you would any other clay. Once the binder is fired out of the piece, you have a small-scale replica of your work in pure metal! I have made some lovely pure silver beads with this stuff, and I would adore to work with it more.
  9. the west wing:
    A wonderful, smart, touching show with a wonderful, smart cast, The West Wing is ensemble TV at its best. Granted, the quality isn't what it was before Sorkin left, but I'm still gonna get the DVD's of at least the first 4 seasons when I can afford them.
  10. william adama:
    I'm SO glad he showed up on this list! If Lieutenant Martin Castillo was the base to my fanficcing career, then Battlestar Galactica's Commander William Adama, another stellar Edward James Olmos character, is surely the current apex. Tough and soulful, passionate and controlled, obstinate and forgiving, perfectly heroic and perfectly flawed, Adama encompasses so many contradictions (portrayed perfectly by Olmos) that he's a writer's dream character. And if his weathered face, dark blue eyes and muscular arms tend to inspire other kinds of dreams ... hey, it don't hurt. 8^9

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Okay, now back to ficwriting and ice cream!
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