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Yes, it's That Time again...

And you just knew I'd be posting about it, right? ;)

Yuletide Nominations are open through 8:59 pm US Eastern time on Tuesday, October 20th. The Yuletide Small Fandom Fic Exchange is tons of fun every year, a wonderful chance to give a little fic-love to rare fandoms (and their fans) and a happy way to give and get a little something nice during the holiday season. So nominate and participate!

ONLY fandoms that get nominated will be available to request or write for during the exchange, and you can nominate up to six. Please don't nominate unless you plan to sign up and write something.

Any questions? Comment here! Email or PM me! Consider me your Yuletide gateway resource, here to help and encourage. <3 <3 <3

Time to hunt down a new Yuletide icon. This one's out of date ...
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