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*pokes head up from the gopher hole*

*tosses a meme at the flist*

From kingpsyborg: Post a list of all your roleplaying journal names and explain what the names mean, if anything.

All of them? Righto!

admiral_adama - Well, this one should be self-explanatory. I "adopted" William Adama's journal back when it was still commander_adama, then promoted him with a rename token after Laura Roslin gave him his admiral's pips. :) This same character has also shown up on GreatestJournal as the_old_man) and InsaneJournal as bill_adama.

kia_holtz - Another journal name that comes straight from the character's name, but there is a story in how the character got named in the first place. When I was writing a lengthy piece of BSG fan fiction focusing on Doc Cottle and needed an OC for the piece, I decided to name her after my fellow BSG and Cottle fan kiaforrest. So we have first name Kia and last name Holtz, which is German (or possibly Dutch, I'm forgetting now) for forest.

sonofgranite - This is kind of a journal name from a character name, but with additional steps. Ruairí MacEibhir's last name translates from Gaeilge as Son of Eibhear, or more literally, Son of Granite.

thehorseman - Ruairí's eldest Anraí has followed in his father's footsteps in the breeding, training and rehabilitation of the horses they both love better than many people. Therefore, thehorseman. I was actually kinda surprised this name was still available.

fey_fire - Ah, second son Rory, aka Rory Stone. He certainly is fae, and he has his fey moments. He catches fire on stage, lights a room like a torch, draws all eyes to him. More than any of the rest of his family, he burns, though whether to blaze up or burn out remains to be seen.

gifted_hands - Third son Tadhg is the artisan of the family. His hands craft jewelry, paintings and spells with equal skill. Sometimes the last overlaps with the first two.

a_chaitlin - This one's pretty straightforward. Ruairí and his sons often address little sister Cait as "a Chaitlín" or "a Chait", "a" meaning "my" in Gaeilge.

marcusisaspaz - Yeah, I'd best explain this one. Liam MacEibhir has a cousin and BFF named Marcus. Marcus, being big on amusing himself and pranking his cousin, dubbed his journal liam_did_it. Not to be outdone, Liam named his accordingly. Besides, Marcus really is a spaz.

keyboard_sass - Rory *points upward* fronts a band called Breaker Street (who incidentally have a collective lj, breaker_street). Sascha Brockmann is both a keyboardist for the band and a sassy little extrovert who insisted on her own journal. The other four members (five if you count the tech) are now clamoring for theirs. *sigh*

di_monty_pippin - Yep, another journal-from-character-name for Detective Inspector Montgomery Pippin. Monty's a little put out about it, thinks I should have come up with something with a little more panache, not to mention a little less likely to attract his superiors' notice.

c_for_caroline - Green Wing's Dr. Caroline Todd once had the following exchange with junior doctor Martin Dear:

C: Apparently if you eat lots of pineapple, it makes your sperm taste nice.

M: Right, well I'll keep that in mind, for the future.

C: And pubic topiary is the new pashmina.

M: Ah, yeah ... yeah, you could ... you could have a heart done or, or your initial, or a lovely swan.

C: I could have a C for Caroline. Oh no no, they might get the wrong idea, they might think it's C for something else.

M: Oh, crazy or ... *light dawns* Oh yes, the - the nasty C word. Oh.

C: Yeah, I wouldn't want that.
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