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HAPPY NEW YEAR! *pelts everyone with confetti and chocolate*

Mmmmm ... a niece born with Down's Syndrome, started work as a substitute teacher, a historical election, ongoing money woes, and many wonderful doings with my online buddies. I think what I want most out of 2009 is a way to kill off my inner procrastinator. *heh*

Yuletide authors have been revealed and the New Year Resolutions Challenge is now open! You do not have to have participated in Yuletide to write an NYR fic for one of the unfilled requests. In fact doing so can be an excellent way to dip your toe in the Yuletide squee and see if you like the temperature. By all means do keep browsing the archives and leaving comments; authors love those no matter what time of year it is.

Now I can tell you what stories I wrote!

My main assignment: Friends in Need in the H. Beam Piper - Little Fuzzy fandom for gritkitty.

Treat of the last-minute variety: Resistance in the POW (2003) fandom for hinkydoodle. This one's slashy, but there's nothing even remotely explicit in it. If I wind up writing a sequel, however ...

And that treat was well chosen, because guess who wrote my gift story this year! *tickles hinky*

So far I've drawn two Yuletide assignments that required glossaries. We'll see if the trend holds out next time. ^_^

Dang, I need a new Yuletide icon ...
Tags: fic, squee, yuletide

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