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More holiday fannish goodness!

If any of you missed signing up for Yuletide or decided that 1000 words was more than you wanted to write, but would still like to get in on the give-a-little get-a-little holiday fun, I've found the comm for you! fandom_stocking will set you up with a "stocking" post listing the fannish interests you give them. Between now and the first week of January, participants browse through everyone's stockings and leave screened comments with ficlets, icons, or whatever else you can contribute. For story size they recommend 500 words or less, so this should stay low-stress. And in the first week of January the comments get revealed!

To set up your fannish stocking, click on the pic and follow the instructions--

My own stocking post is right over here. If you do set up a stocking, be sure to post a link to it so I can leave you a little something! ^_^
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