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Fanfic Holiday Mania!

Whoa. 914 935 Yuletide participants so far! *bounces* You still have until 9pm Eastern on Monday November 10th to sign up for the crazyfun, so head on over!

Or for those of you who prefer to pick and choose your prompts rather than get an assignment, smallfandomfest is rockin' the small fandom ficathon goodness once more! They're currently accepting prompt submissions until November 21st; you can also sign up to pimp your favorite small fandom. On the 23rd, all of the prompts become open for claiming and the fun begins! The posting period won't close until January 31st for both fics and fandom pimps, so you might even have time to get more than one submission in. But first, get those prompts submitted. The more prompts, the more variety!

ETA: Fixed links. HTML is not my friend tonight. Sorry!
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