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Righto, as you may have guessed from my li'l placeholder post, Yuletide signups are officially underway! They'll close at 9pm Eastern Time on Monday November 10th, and story assignments should go out shortly thereafter. You can sign up whether or not you participated in fandom nominations for this year.

The mods explained the sign up steps over here inyuletide_admin, but feel free to IM or email me if you have any questions or are unsure about anything. I was a noob last year, so I'm up for hand-holding anyone who needs guidance this time around. ^_^

Check out the List of Nominated Fandoms to see what you have to choose from for both your three or four story requests and to narrow down a list of which fandoms you can offer to write. Don't be put off from requesting a fandom just because no one's offered it or vice versa; people will be signing up and making changes right up to the deadline. If you're not sure whether or not you're comfortable writing for all the characters in a given fandom, you can take a look at the Master Fandom Character List to be sure.

So does anyone have any questions? Hit me with 'em if so!
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