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Enslaved to SuperMuse
There's a reason why her initials are S and M ...
ACK! Mea Culpa! 
31st-Oct-2008 04:14 pm
My apologies to all you lovely folks for handing out incorrect information this morning. As it turns out, Yuletide fandom nominations will close TONIGHT at 11:59 pm US Eastern time, not tomorrow as I'd previously posted. The nomination form is here, and the list of already nominated fandoms is here. If you really want to be guaranteed a fandom will show up on the final list for you to request, best to nominate it yourself even if it's already on the list. Mind-changing and all that.

Happy Halloween again!
1st-Nov-2008 12:38 am (UTC)
*ding dong ditches you*
1st-Nov-2008 02:53 pm (UTC)
*points at icon*
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