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Meme results and an invitation

Past time that I posted the results of my li'l music meme. Topping out the points for correct guesses was hinkydoodle with 14 points! Those of you who know her will probably not be too surprised. ;) Here's the list of the songs that go with each first line, with the three that no one guessed in bold:

01) Chasing the Sun, The Calling
02) In the House of Stone and Light, Martin Page
03) A Rock 'N Roll Fantasy, The Kinks
04) City Hall, Vienna Teng
05) Turn of a Friendly Card (part 2), Alan Parsons Project
06) Everything I Do (I Do It for You), Bryan Adams
07) Addicted to Love, Robert Palmer
08) You Learn, Alanis Morrisette
09) Let It Run, Jeff Lynne
10) Love Sneaking Up on You, Bonnie Raitt

11) Black Velvet, Alannah Myles
12) Something About the Way You Look Tonight, Elton John
13) Modern Love, David Bowie
14) Heaven's Open, Michael Oldfield
15) Let the River Run, Carly Simon

hinkydoodle, hon, you get to request a post from me on any topic, so amuse yourself. (what am I saying? Of course you'll amuse yourself. O:^)

And because I'm in a generous mood (and because I may post more often with a push), the rest of my flist can suggest topics too. I'll do my best to get to as many as possible!
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