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One of my New Year's Determinations (I make those instead of Resolutions) is to post more consistently on my main ElJay. So over the next week or two, I'll be making a series of catch-up posts on different subjects in my life, trying to avoid swinging all the way from near-silence to spamaliciousness in the process. Fangeeky writer that I be, my first such post is on the State of the Fic. Since many of you found me through my fanfiction, I hope there will be some interest. ^_^

I have actually had a reasonably productive past few months in the ficwriting department. In addition to FINALLY FINISHING GOSSIP OMG (wipes brow), my Adama/Roslin pieces included B is for Boxing for the A/R Alphabet Challenge (still going on, btw, and they still need someone to take G!), and The Commander's Eyes as an A/R Secret Santa gift for twentyplanes. (By the by, even though I was a pinch-hitting Secret Santa, the lovely organizer [oh come on, we all know it was nnaylime by now. ;)] made sure that I also got a gift, a gorgeous A/R video set to Vienna Teng's 'Momentum', fruit of murphy987's awesome vidding skills. I share the squee! :D)

And of course, those of you who got clubbed over the head have been paying attention know that I participated in the Yuletide Obscure Fandoms Fanfiction Exchange for the first time this year and had an absolute blast doing so. Now that we're well past the authorial reveal on New Years, I can tell you that I wrote a story called Bride's Beauty, based on R.A MacAvoy's novel The Book of Kells. Obscure fandom indeed, but I have gotten beautiful comments and even a rec (!!!) for it, and most importantly, minyan loved her gift. Writing fanfiction with a specific recipient in mind is a challenging exercise, but I loved re-immersing myself in a beautiful novel I hadn't re-read in years. The experience also reminded me that not only can I write to a deadline, I can write well to a deadline. *buffs fingernails* I also met some lovely, funny people in the #yuletide IRC chat. *waves to whetherwoman*. I highly recommend the Yuletide experience to any and all comers.

AND I did all this whilst keeping up with my muses, who shall get their own separate "state of" post later. ;)

BUT!!! I still have a pile of Works in Progress that need finishing. Thus I need EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU (yes, I capslocked. PHEAR ME!) to vote on which of my ongoing projects you want me to complete next. If you're feeling particularly sadistic, I even give you the option to add to my burdens by suggesting a new project! Who could resist?

Poll #1128481 The Torment Chris with Undone Fic Poll!

Which of the following WiPs should I finish next?

That hideously overdue piece for hawkfromhandsaw starring Leo Shannon from Da Vinci's Inquest.
That nearly-as-overdue Jack Cottle/Kia Holtz story that was due during thesmokingdoc's Month of Love.
The Adama/Roslin piece set just after Bill's fight in "Unfinished Business". YOU KEEP TAUNTING ME WITH THAT!
You said you were going to write another scene for "The Commander's Eyes" set during The Kiss. You SAID!
Girl, you need to get off your backside and get some more work done on your Bill Adama fanfic100 claim!
Didn't you say you had a Vorkosigan fic nibbling at you for a Yuletide New Years Resolution fic? Never too early to NYR!
Are you ever going to actually write anything for smallfandomfest, or are you just gonna torment us with prompts?
*facepalm* Yo, genius, you FORGOT a WiP. Never mind, I'll remind you in a comment.
*evil cackle* Something NEW!!! I want you to write SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY, which I'll tell you about in a comment!

Now I can't promise I'll work on these exactly according to the voting, SuperMuse being a perverse wench at the best of times, but at least I'll get some much needed guidance. And if you're newish to my flist and don't know what the heck some of the choices are, feel free to ask. :D

More postiness later, mon petite fromages! *blows kisses*
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