Chris (karihan) wrote,

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Well, I went and did it ...

... I have created my Very First Comm.

nomnomcomm LIVES!

With the stellar assistance of dien and altitudeandwine, I have created nomnomcomm as a place where lovers of all fandoms can put together their favorite characters with their favorite foodstuffs and let them *cough* have fun. All kinds of fun. Fic, art, recs, discussions, questions, everything goes! We'll be posting monthly creative challenges, and I'm planning a prompt table like unto those of fanfic100and smut_69, but feel free to create and post as the spirit moves you! The intro post is up, and I plan to set up a suggestion post and discussion topic later today. I hope as many of you as possible will join up and spread the word. Time for Fandom to get Foody!
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