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Enslaved to SuperMuse
There's a reason why her initials are S and M ...
A little recog! ^_^ 
21st-Jun-2005 11:59 pm
The Daydreams Awards for Battlestar Galactica (new version) Fan Fiction has opened its voting page:


All votes must be in by midnight (Pacific time) on Sunday, June 26. Winners will be posted on the 4th of July.

I personally am very proud to have made it onto the final ballot in three different categories: Best Adama/Roslin Fic (for both "First Glimpses" and "The Last Dance"), Best Plot-Driven Fic (again for both FG and TLD) and Best Unfinished Story (for "Gods' Gift").

No, I'm not going to ask anyone to run to the site and vote for me. If you do go vote, please do your best to read all the stories in a given section, so you can pick the one you actually think is the best-written. If that story happens to be one of mine, I will blush and gratefully accept your vote, but I won't be crushed otherwise. I'm just pleased that enough people liked my work enough to nominate me.

The way the Internet lets creators find their audience just fascinates me. I found mine practically by accident. The Adama/Roslin relationship compelled me to write "The Last Dance", an exploration of where this 'ship could go on the show, but pretty definitely won't. ^_^ I was already thoroughly enjoying myself posting with the delightfully raunchy Battlestar Galactica Estrogen Brigade on their SciFi and Ragnar Anchorage bboard threads. Inspired, I uploaded TLD to the BSGEB's yahoo! group as each chapter was finished. One of the members suggested that I post the tale to Survival Instinct, a fic archive focusing on William and Laura 'shipfic. From there I found the adama_roslin community, and all of the lovely writers and readers therein. I gave into temptation, got myself a paid LiveJournal account, and started contributing directly.

And here I be. Still writing!

If you like my work or posts, please feel free to contact me. I will respond, as soon as SuperMuse allows me a brief break from whatever she's onto me to finish. ;^)
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