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Enslaved to SuperMuse
There's a reason why her initials are S and M ...
To my Dearest Yuletide Writer ... 
22nd-Oct-2007 11:47 am
First and most importantly, thank you! This is my very first Yuletide, and I'm all bouncy and excitable like the fan-geek I am. *MWAH* to you for writing me a story.

By now you've had a little time to mull over your assignment, and have no doubt decided where on the scale between adoration and loathing I fall for requesting whichever of my fandoms matches up with your offerings. Whether you're quivering with anticipation, dread or something in between, I offer you this reassurance: I'm easy.

Gen, het, slash, smut, humor, angst, and on and on and on ... I'll read and enjoy it all. If a piece crosses over into multiple categories, so much the better! I have one little caveat: if you go with angst, know that I prefer it to flow naturally from the characters rather than to have it imposed by gratuitously inflicted external situations. So rape, torture, noncon, cutting, and other OOC-ness ... nnnnnothankyew.

More than anything, I really want to challenge you to write from the heart, to write a story that you yourself can love. No matter the genre, characters or situations, stories written from the writer's love are always The Best.

So what can I tell you about my individual fandoms that I didn't include in my requests?

Boondock Saints: The details say it, really. PAUL SMECKER PWNS ALL. Sure, the twins are likeable, fun, deadly and very nice eye candy; Rocco's a hoot; Duke's a wonderfully psychopathic bastard and you should feel free to include any of them the muse demands, but Paul's brains, snark, integrity and general fabulousness just make the movie for me. So whether it's Paul investigating, Paul introspecting, Paul snarking, Paul angsting, Paul sexing, Paul's past, present or future ... if it's Paul, it's good.

Connie Willis - To Say Nothing of the Dog: The only way you could really go wrong with this one would be to write something completely contrary to the charm and wit of the book, and if you loved it enough to offer it, that's not likely to happen. And as I said, Ned and Verity would be verrah nice indeed.

Da Vinci's Inquest: OH DVI!!! WHY ARE YOUR DVDS BEING RELEASED SO DAMN SLOWLY?!!! *cough* Sorry. *^_^* I adore the entire ensemble on this show, and you should feel free to bring in other characters if you want, but I chose Leo and Rose for the focus because their partnership has always given me the warm fuzzies. They took this crusty, old-school detective, who was introduced to us as being more than a bit of a bigot, paired him up with this strong, smart black woman for a partner and showed the two of them developing a relationship of respect, affection and true friendship. <3 <3 <3 And if for some reason you feel like taking them beyond friendship ... I find myself strangely okay with that. ;)

Max Headroom: I chose my four favorite characters, but if Murray, Reg, Dom or anyone else chooses to show up, I will not say them nay. As I said in the details, I'm inclined to keep the underage Bryce out of any physical sex (if that's the direction you choose), but a little teenage hacker voyeurism is always possible ... maybe with some Max commentary? But really, this one's wide open to whatever kind of fic you care to write. The show did everything from manic, edgy humor to angry angst, so you've got quite a range with which to work!

And there you are! Hopefully I've given you a possible direction, or at least a hint or two. I'd be more than happy to supply more details to the mods, if you feel the need to pass on any questions through them. But as I said up above, write from the heart. If a story means something to you, it will mean something to your readers.

And if at all possible ... HAVE FUN!
2nd-Mar-2008 11:16 pm (UTC) - Anonymous Fic-Gift
:) Just a bit of rough language in it, as a warning.


The thing was, he didn't actually need to take the class. Hell. He could teach the damned thing in his sleep. But that didn't mean that the F. B. of I. didn't have certain regulations regarding its agents and their necessity for so many hours of classroom time a year. Hence, here he was, taking Advanced Crime Scene Reconstruction for the sixth frickin' time in a row.

He eyed the other Special Agents as they filed into class. They all looked like they'd been stamped out of the same sheet of metal: lean, hard-eyed, ballsy. He was more like them than he wanted to be, and certainly too different from them for comfort.

Ah, it was all pissed, anyway, as a certain acquaintance of his might say.

Smecker flicked his cigarette into the purposefully placed cigarette-holder outside the building and followed another dark suited Special Agent through the walkway and into the wing with the classrooms. He touched his cell phone where it hung against his hip, but knew that the entire complex was in a no-transmission zone, done on purpose by the agency. He smirked. Every other agent in the room still had their own cell phones clipped to their hips like mother-fucking iv lines.

"Special Agent Smecker," said the paunchy man at the front, obviously close to retirement, and fighting every pound until he punched the clock for the last time. "Glad you could join us."

Smecker inclined his head and took a seat in the back of the room. The Special Agent right in front of him turned around and eyed him curiously. He looked like he was barely out of diapers.

"Special Agent Smecker," he repeated. "The Special Agent Smecker who handled the bloodbath vigilante case up in Boston?" To the sides of the kid, several other Special Agents started getting interested. Smecker didn't particularly appreciate that; he liked to keep a low profile on this certain topic of discussion.

Smecker gave him nothing. "Class is about to begin."

At lunchtime, somehow, the kid managed to get next to him as they worked their way through the line in the cafeteria. Persistent little sucker. Smecker grabbed one of the pre-packaged salads and a fruit bowl.

"Special Agent Callaghan," he said as he picked up a bowl of chocolate pudding and put it on his tray.

"I know, Special Agent Callaghan," Smecker said. "We introduced ourselves in class, remember?"

"Oh, yeah, of course."

Smecker detected a hint of Southie accent then. The boy must have either been covering it up, or else tended toward it more strongly when in social conditions. "You're from Boston, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir. Bred and raised."

"Hmm." Smecker turned and walked away.

The kid followed him. "Listen, I don't mean to interrupt--"

"Then don't."

"--but that whole case was why I wanted to join the Bureau in the first place. I read everything about it. I have so many questions--"

Smecker held up his hand. "Where are you assigned, Special Agent Callaghan?"

"Pittsburgh, but I'm hoping to get back to Boston soon."

Smecker nodded and considered the kid more fully. Homegrown, curious, already on the inside. Plus, he had an auspicious surname. Possibly inclined, and possibly useful. But he needed to proceed with recruitment very carefully. Smecker smiled, and he knew it was perhaps a little too toothy. "I'll tell you what. When you get posted to Boston, you look me up then. I'll show you the sights."

"I'd really appreciate that," the kid said, his eyes shining in a very un-Special Agent sort of way. For Pete's sake, didn't they vet these wet-behind-the-ears babies anymore, Smecker asked himself.

Smecker picked up his tray. He needed to get outside for a smoke, and some air. As he left, he said, "Yeah, I think you will."
6th-Mar-2008 05:37 am (UTC) - Re: Anonymous Fic-Gift
Oh wow! Unexpected fic-gift!


Wonderful piece of Smecker goodness!
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