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An Epiphany, A Question and A *SQUEE!*

I have discovered the joys of raw vegetables. This may be one of the signs of the Apocalypse, or it may just be a sign that my sinuses have cleared enough that I can smell (and therefore taste) properly. *ponders* I'll go with the latter.

Does anyone on my flist know how to get the chemical smell out of chemically weathered jeans? I have a nice pair that I really like, but even after five or so washings I still get this distinct whiff of whatever they used to lighten the color and soften the fabric. 8^P Does not go well with my perfumes at all, I can tell you. Is there something I can soak them in?

And finally, I have An Announcement: admiral_adama won one of this year's realm_of_tammys for Saddest Prompt, for his "Fragile" post! You can check out his acceptance speech over here. I'll put his award banner up in his userinfo in a few days, even if he does keep raising an eyebrow at it. ;)

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