April 13th, 2011


Memeosity, snagged from skaryma and custardpringle

☇ Take four books off your bookshelf.
☇ Write the first sentence
☇ Write the last sentence on page fifty
☇ Write the second sentence on page one hundred
☇ Write the next to the last sentence on page one hundred fifty
☇ Write the final sentence of the book
☇ Let your friends guess what book it is.

I picked some of my favorites, ones I've been rereading lately. I honestly have no idea how hard these particular books will be for you guys, but I'm pretty darn sure 3 will ring a bell with at least a few of you. In fact I had to take a name out to keep it from being too obvious, but if no one gets it, I'll put the name back. Have fun!

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