October 19th, 2009


Yuletide nom nudge

There are just over 24 hours left to get small fandom nominations in for the Yuletide fic exchange! Check out my previous post for everything you need to get you started. Go forth, my flist, and nominate for great justice!

What did I choose for my six noms? Well may you ask! I added Heat of the Sun, James Alan Gardener - Expendable Universe, James White - Sector General novels (first time they've been nommed!), Jonathan Creek, Keen Eddie and RA MacAvoy - The Grey Horse. I was delighted to find that almost all of the rest of my list of potential nominees had already been put up by someone else; hopefully they'll all still be there once the deadline passes. Will I pick four of the above for my fic requests, or will others claim the spots? Only time will tell.
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