June 2nd, 2009

OMG Shiny Things!

A smelly poll!

Which perfume oil should I get? They're Nocturne Alchemy, for anyone curious.

I should get the oil that smells like:

Plum, Butter scented pastry, Vanilla and sugar and a touch of Musk
Pure chocolate oil, Cinnamon, Ceylon Tea Absolute and Bergamot
Vanilla Essence, cinnamon and Golden Clove, Warm Buttery Pastry, sugar water, Flecks of Vanilla Bean, musk and pineapple extract
Sugar Custard, Sweet Coconut Milk,a drop of Chaulmogra, Tonka Bean syrup, Cardamon Pod, Egyptian Clove and White Nutmeg
Bay Rum, Spices, Papyrus, Egyptian Sugar simmered into a creamy caramel and Tibetan Black Tea

Yes, I am a foody scent fiend. However could you guess?
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