December 12th, 2007

Don't Piss Off the Plot Bunny


Just a heads-up ... SOMETHING has happened to the electricity in my room, and it apparently requires more than just flipping a circuit breaker. *cries* So until it gets fixed, I will have no chat, no Semagic, no access to all the goodies on my 'puters. I'm posting this from my dad's machine, btb.

Apparently the Great Plot Bunny in the Sky wants me to sit down with my notebook and no Internet distractions. *twitches* I can feel the withdrawal starting already ...

ETA: Collapse )
EJO & JB--LeSigh!



*skwishes Dad for replacing faulty circuit breaker*

*snuggles back into webbish comfort zone*

ETA: Well, that was premature. Damn thing blew again and doesn't want to reset. *scowls*