October 22nd, 2007


To my Dearest Yuletide Writer ...

First and most importantly, thank you! This is my very first Yuletide, and I'm all bouncy and excitable like the fan-geek I am. *MWAH* to you for writing me a story.

By now you've had a little time to mull over your assignment, and have no doubt decided where on the scale between adoration and loathing I fall for requesting whichever of my fandoms matches up with your offerings. Whether you're quivering with anticipation, dread or something in between, I offer you this reassurance: I'm easy.

Collapse )

And there you are! Hopefully I've given you a possible direction, or at least a hint or two. I'd be more than happy to supply more details to the mods, if you feel the need to pass on any questions through them. But as I said up above, write from the heart. If a story means something to you, it will mean something to your readers.

And if at all possible ... HAVE FUN!
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