June 4th, 2005


Woah ... another milestone ...

"First Glimpses", the most-read of my works of Adama/Roslin 'shipfic, has passed the 200th read mark on the Survivial Instinct archive site. It has actually been read 202 times. My other fics are chugging along merrily as well. And these numbers are for the SI archive ALONE. I wonder, how many people actually have read each story?

Karihan raises a can of Sunkist Lemonade soda to toast all her readers.

Going to a book signing tomorrow. Lois Bujold will be at Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis putting name to copies of The Hallowed Hunt, her latest. Nice that my favorite author lives only a few miles north of me!

Don't worry, I'm still going to fit in some writing time on "Gods' Gift"! Can't have SuperMuse's new hit squad coming after me.

You KNOW who you are. ;^)