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Farewell, fluffy girl.

I took Zoiks, my 6-year-old guinea pig, to the vet yesterday. As I more or less expected, only one of us came back.

I'd noticed over the past few months that she was getting a little stiff in her hind end, a little more reluctant to move around much. She was happy and eating well, wheeking for her leafies and carrots in the morning, and she showed no signs of pain when I picked her up and examined her. Then over the past week, she lost the use of her rear legs entirely. A few days ago, she started to go off her food.

When the vet palpated her abdomen, he found a tumor impacting her spinal cord. Given the grave prognosis, high likelihood of malignancy and the fact that geriatric guinea pigs are poor anesthesia risks, we both agreed that euthanasia was the kindest option. He took her in back to give her an IP injection, then I held her while she went to sleep. The last thing she felt was my finger stroking her forehead. The last thing she heard was my voice.

I'm grateful that I took the time to spoil her with dandelion greens, spring mix salad and plenty of cuddles over the past couple of weeks. I'm even more grateful that she didn't suffer. She was calm, happy and giving piggy-kisses up until the end.

This pic shows Zoiks exchanging nose-sniffs with her buddy Jinkies. I adopted both of them from the Golden Valley Humane Society, where someone had brought them in after finding them abandoned in their cage. Jinkies left us last fall.

G'bye, sweetie. Have fun playing tag, scarfing greens and having wheek-contests with Jinkies, Robin, Zinny, Inky, Mina, Chia, Merry, Pippin and Mo. With them around, I know you won't get bored waiting for me.
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