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Going on a road trip!

To California, to be precise. Gonna spend some time with Kim (*glompskwish*), then I'll head up to Santa Barbara to visit my sister and some old friends. ^_^ So I won't be online so much, although I should still be able to peek in on the El-Jay and check my various e-mail accounts now and again. I'll try to arrange a little AIM-time, but no promises. What I do promise is that I'll take my digicam and post pics when I get back! Well ... actually I'll probably collapse when I get back and post pics soon after that. ;)

So I leave you with a link. It's for docladyblade in particular, but I know I have a bunch of people on my flist who will enjoy it.

Five Times Doc Cottle Bitchslapped Emma Frost

For those of you who have never read the X-men line of superhero comic books, Emma Frost is a particularly bitchy, blonde telepath. That's really all you need to know to go on with. ;)

(Oh, and ancarett, I'll get my interest meme posted after I get back too.)


ETA: Tuesday. Forgot to mention I'll be back TUESDAY. *facepalm*
Tags: bsg, cottle, rl, travel

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