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Real and Life are both four letter words ...

... aka an open letter to my flist and anyone else who wanders in here from reading my fic or either of my two muses. ^_^

This post may sound like an apology for Taking So Long with my writing (and it is, a little), but I'm really taking a moment to assess my fanfiction works in progress and other online projects. RL has kicked my butt in some respect, and I have kicked it's in others ... but I'm currently searching for a happier, preferably non-kicking equilibrium.

I did get "Alternative Therapies" done on time for the Month of Love over on adama_roslin. Of course, that short story has proven to be merely the opening of Yet Another Work In Progress. *headdesk*

1. Gods' Gift (the YAWIP to end all YAWIPs)

2. Gossip (I don't even want to think about how overdue this puppy is!)

3. My Cottle-centered fic (MEGADITTO)

4. My fanfic100 pieces for William Adama (I'm surprised they haven't handed him off to someone else yet!)

5. Continuation to Alternative Therapies (aka my sequel to Essence)

If you think of any others I've forgotten, let me know. *whimpergiggle*

In addition, neither admiral_adama nor kia_holtz has had new posts in many weeks. I'm on a mod-approved hiatus, so there's no danger of me losing a muse. However, both Bill and Kia are very forceful personalities, and they're both giving me a brainful about not keeping up with their prompts. *wince* On the other hand, Bill has been mostly mollified by the ongoing RP thread between himself and laura_roslin. 8^9

I have also fallen way behind on comments and replies, on my friends' journals, my muses' journals and my own. I am entirely too far behind on responding to comments and reviews about my fic. This pains me, because attention hoor that I am, I would never want you wonderful folks to think I don't adore and devour all your comments like candy. I care deeply about what you have to say, so please keep saying it! I will respond eventually, I promise!

Now, the GOOD news is, I have some vacation and paid holiday time coming up, so I get to catch up on many things. Sleep will have to be the first, but my online projects will follow right behind.

Along with some apartment cleaning ... *^_^*

So, as a small reward for your patience, I offer the music meme that nnaylime's enjoying so much. ;)

Reply and I'll give you a random letter, and you have to find five songs that start with that letter and post them to your journal.

I quickly discovered that most "E" songs start with the letters E V E R ... y'know, ever, every, everything, everlasting, everybody ... but I found a few exceptions!

Eolian Minstrel -- Andreas Vollenweider
Everything I Do (I Do it for You) -- Bryan Adams
Electric Cafe' -- Kraftwerk
Ever the Same -- Rob Thomas
Every Kind of People -- Robert Palmer

And here's some comic relief as a little extra:

Ernie Had a Hernia -- Toy Dolls

*kisses and schnoogles to flist*
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