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Okay, time to freak out the sydney_brats ... ;)

My husband and I are big fans of Australian Rules Football. (For those on my f-list going "Huh?" right now, check out the wiki entry if you want to learn more about the game.) A couple of years ago, much to his surprise, Brandon found a group of people starting up a footy team right here in the Twin Cities, so of course he just *had* to join in. The Minnesota Freeze has recently acquired uniforms, so a photo op was necessary!

Before you say anything, yes, he's pale. Spring has only just sprung up here. ;)

Does anyone else know why this is giggle-worthy? Bueller?

And yes, we just added a proper set of cleats to his gear last night. *schnoogles husband* When Brandon gets into an interest, he does nothing halfway!

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